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Monsters Inc. in KH 3 rumor


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While chatting on the PSNProfiles chatroom, mabuk posted a link from a comic book website regarding a new world in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. If this rumor is true, then we may see Monsters Inc. in KH3. That's a second Pixar Disney themed world to add. First was Toy Story. Still, we don't know if it's true that Monsters Inc will be in KH3 or not.

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Even though we do not know if it is true or not, in my opinion it would be really awesome to have this world.


Like Nomura already said, he wanted to put different and new worlds into this title, even though they would be less but also bigger.


I think that so far we have an amazing set of Disney worlds:

  • Tangled;
  • Big Hero 6;
  • Toy Story;
  • Mount Olympus (Hercules).

There is a high probability that the Frozen world might come up, since Nomura said that he loved the movie very much.


Personally I would love to see Treasure Planet and Detective Basil in this game, it would make an awesome addition. (Please Nomura, make it happen! ?)


So much hype for this game!!!!!! ?

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I cannot wait any longer for this amazing game to come out! I think that the addition of a Monsters Inc. inspired world would be amazing!


Some of the Disney movies that I would love to see become their own worlds would be:

- The Jungle Book

- The Incredibles

- A Bug's Life

- Lilo & Stitch

- The Emperor's New Groove

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