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So i played this game through with 2 other people yesterday and  SPOILERS got the Marney dies ending in the hotel and basement, i feel like this game could benefit with a chapter select as it is mega easy to mess up the tiniest QTE and fuck up the ending, and i feel many people who play this with friends will feel the same as we did where we wanted to get all the different endings and try different choices, but we don't have 4+ hours or the patience to go through the whole game multiple times. Me and all my friends work full time jobs and have family so chilling playing games together is usually short and rare. I understand that a game where most choices change the whole ending but simply working the save system the same way TT- The Walking dead, Heavy rain and Beyond two souls does where your choices are saved and if you wanted different ones fair enough start fresh. This is completely my opinion i just feel it would add alot more replay value to amend your mistakes without sinking another 2 hours into stuff we just did when we were happy with our choices up to that point.


Thanks for reading my rant. 


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