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Suggestion: Using the same trophy guide for multiple versions of a game.

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PSNProfiles is my go to place to find trophy guides, this is because the guide shows you which trophies you have earned and which you still need to earn. This is especially useful in games with lots of trophies. I have found in the past that certain versions of games have a guide on PSNProfiles while another version doesn't. For example, Metal Gear Solid V has a great guide for the PS4 version of the game but the PS3 version on the game does not have a guide on this website. The two versions of the game are almost identical so it seams like a waist of time to write a brand new guide for the same game. I am suggesting that a system is implemented to export a guide from one version of a game to another. This could either be done by the staff of the site, or the community. In most cases it seems like it would take minimal editing, just changing small details that are specific to certain regions or systems of the game. What do you think? 

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Yep! As I link list identical versions and regions together it also shows guides made for a different region/platform. If you see a game that hasn’t gotten linked yet, let me know in this thread:


Note that if you own a different version of the game than the guide was made for, then it still won’t show trophies you’ve earned in the guide - this will actually take some tinkering with coding to do, Sly will likely do that some point later on :P 

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