All Boss Fights (Veteran Difficulty NG+)

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So i'm back to talk about some differences in the boss fights from Mercenary to Veteran difficulty. All boss fights are listed in one video, and the timeline is provided as well.


The big change you will notice about Veteran Difficulty is that your health is quite low. Couple hits here and there and you're done. Bosses have almost 3-4 times more health and are much faster. SO, plan for the fights accordingly!


Here goes!


1) Level 1 Boss - Smasher


Unlike Mercenary difficulty, you can't cheese this boss with just Explosive bullets. It will armor through your bullets and flinch less overall. So I decide to use nova grenades to take care of all the spiders and eggs that get spawned by the smasher. Other than that, just time your attacks. If you have the money buy explosive rounds and keep shooting at the boss. When you see spiders toss a nova grenade. Should bring down the boss quickly.


2) Level 2 Boss - Limpy


Oh wow did this boss get a health upgrade. Remember its tentacle attacks, well you have like only a second to shoot and interrupt its attacks. You got to be quick. 3-4 tentacle hits and you're dead.


There are more enemy spawns so use nova grenades to deal with them. You will need atleast 5-6 frenzy powerups to take the boss out. So make sure to charge the powerup properly, as you're gonna need those Awesome or Perfect frenzies!


3) Level 3 Boss - The Crawler


This thing just has more health and moves much much faster. So make sure to bring a lot more armor piercing rounds and explosive grenades. No other real tip here. You can set up barbed wire if you get that powerup as it will protect you from the normal sections of the worm, not the blob and armored sections.


You just got to be quick with shooting, changing bullets and also using grenades.


4) Level 4 Boss - The Blob


What can I say, nothing new in this fight. The boss has a ton of health, spawns enemies faster, and also shoots blobs at you more frequently. Just make sure to have a lot of nova grenades. These grenades are really life savers! You will need to toss grenades into the boss around 5-7 times to takes it out, unlike 3 times in Mercenary.


5) Final Boss - Experiment-1


The boss has the same attack patterns from Mercenary, during all 3 encounters. It's much faster though. Much faster than what you'd would expect from it. Has more health, but you already knew that. Enemies spawn more often. So which grenade are we going have like 50 of? Yep the Nova grenades. Buy a ton of them, you will need it. Also bring the shield and upgrade it. Ricochet bullets are useful too!





  1. Level 1 Boss | Smasher - 0:00
  2. Level 2 Boss | Limpy - 2:41
  3. Level 3 Boss | The Crawler - 7:52
  4. Level 4 Boss | The Blob - 10:34
  5. Final Boss 1st Encounter | Experiment-1 - 15:13
  6. Final Boss 2nd Encounter | Experiment-1 - 17:25
  7. Final Boss 3rd Encounter | Experiment-1 - 19:07
  8. ENDING - 21:56


That's pretty much the differences I could find!


Good luck to you all!




Note: This game was given to me by Brandon of Versus Evil. I'd like to thank him for the opportunity to cover this game!


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