The Legend of Korra got delisted on December 21st

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EDIT 2: After a couple of phone calls to PlayStation Support they escalated my case to the PS Store specialist team and today, they manually redeemed the code for my account on their end. 

In my transactions list, Korra appears as a game obtained with a redeemed code, and the code listed there is the same code that I purchased and had not been working for me, so it is confirmed that Sony can do their magic and redeem these codes.


Thanks PS Support :)


EDIT: CODE DID NOT WORK I'm contacting Sony to see of they can redeem it or I get a refund from either GAME or Sony.


GAME is still selling codes for both PS3 & PS4 versions for 14.99€

EU account needed (it should work if the account is from Spain).

The game is stinct elsewhere.


Also has codes

I strongly believe they are the same codes and work on any EU account

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Man, i really should of got this game when it was on the store, I loved the Legend of Korra series. 


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