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The Last Movie You Saw?


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Rocketman - 1997

The very first time I saw the Rocketman I thought I was gonna' bust a gut I laughed so hard! Even now, years later, I still laugh out loud when watching the halarious capers of our most unlikely Astronaut Fred Randall.

Highly reccomended, and a movie that most family members can watch together.


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Quarantine 2: Terminal - 2011

A flight from Los Angeles to Nashville is diverted to land in Las Vegas, Nevada when one of the passengers, Ralph (George Back) becomes violent and attacks stewards and passengers while trying to force his way into the cabin. Ralph had been bitten by animals, identified as hamsters for his grade school students, brought onto the plane by Henry (Josh Cooke). Ralph is restrained and locked in the bathroom, but not before he bites one of the flight attendants, Paula (Bre Blair).

When the plane lands, air traffic control refuses to let it approach the gate. Disobeying orders, Captain Forrest (John Curran) and his co-pilot, Wilson (Andrew Benator), who is also displaying signs of illness, find a jetway operated by a baggage handler, Ed (Ignacio Serricchio) who is unaware that the plane has been quarantined. Almost everyone evacuates the plane, except for the elderly couple Bev (Lynn Cole) and her paralyzed mute husband Sylvester (Judd Lorman), and the pilots who try to keep Ralph imprisoned in the lavatory.

However, when Ed leads them into the baggage handling area, they learn that they have been locked out of the airport. Soon armed soldiers and what appears to be Centers for Disease Control scientists surround the terminal.


Watched this last night, and to be honest I didn't really have high hopes for it. I turned it on to go to sleep to.


This damn movie kept me up later than I had planned to be up. The acting was quite good, the plot (which picks up after the original Quarantine movie) was original, and the SFX were quite good as well. The Cinematography was exceptional, especially the parts portraying the plane taking off. Not being fond of flying myself, the scenes were so realistic, it made me a little woozy.

There were a few gory scenes, but not what I would call a "Gore-fest" or "Bucket of blood" movie like so many are now days.

Not a Oscar contender, but a good late light thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now available on NETFLIX.


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Lucky you, some kids ran around in out theatre with there boxers on until the security came and the busted ass out the door.

Sounds like a lot of fun to watch!

Midnight showing. Grown men had a light-saber duel in the front.

3D+Costumed men+light-saber duel+watching it all=Best 15$ spent.

Reminds me of the Robot Chicken parodies.

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Just watched The Woman in Black at the cinema (I work there so I get in free :D)

I really enjoyed it. Very chilling, I love paranormal horror and ghost stories.

I'd also seen the original TV Movie (the only thing I ever enjoyed studying in English class)

The 2 versions are quite different. My personal rating on this latest version... 9/10.

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