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The Last Movie You Saw?


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As a big fan of Tony Jaa, this one was a bit disappointing. Out of the Ong Bak trilogy, Killzone 2, and The Protector, this is probably the worst (Although Ong Bak 3 is a mess too). An over emphasis on drama with poor acting and writing makes the story sections a slog. Towards the end there are some good fights, but I would only watch this one if you're really hurting for a martial arts film and have exhausted all your better options.

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Since I last reported in....


Lara Croft film.jpgBeachhead - 1954 - Poster.png28 days later.jpg

A man with grizzly hair wearing a tank top shirt, with three metal claws in front of his face. Below his chin is the title "X-Men Origins Wolverine", the film credits and the release date, May 1.Hollywoodland film.jpgNight at the Museum 2 poster.jpg

Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Maggie (Anne Hathaway) are in torn blankets in bed, as information is below and "Love & Other Drugs" is at the top.Transporter 3 poster.jpgLovebugmviepstr.jpg


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (3.5 Stars), Beachhead (3.5 Stars), 28 Days Later (3.5 Stars), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (4.5 Stars), Hollywoodland (3 Stars), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (3.5 Stars), Love & Other Drugs (3.5 Stars), Transporter 3 (3.5 Stars) and The Love Bug (4.5 Stars).

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This past Weekend's movie line-up...


Altered states.jpgFort apache the bronx.jpgYogi Bear Poster.jpg

Mean Streets poster.jpg   Related image  Diggstownposter.jpg

Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines movie.jpgACinvisibleman.JPG A woman's face in a shadowy environment. The word 'SALT' is in the center, below it the question "Who is Salt?"


Altered States (3 Stars), Fort Apache: The Bronx (4 Stars), Yogi Bear (3 Stars), Mean Streets (2.5 Stars), The Sweeper (3 Stars), Diggstown (4 Stars), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (3.5 Stars), Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (4 Stars) and Salt (2.5 Stars).

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Halloween 2 (2009) a shitty film. Everyone is an asshole to each other, main character sounds like a total bitch and the over the top gore mixed in with a confusing plot makes this movie a good example on why Rob Zombie should stick to music than film. The devils rejects was good.

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