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Digital Save file on retail version?


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4 hours ago, Such-A-Goonie said:

Even if that is the case, your save probably won't work on a lower version than the one on which you last saved.

Someone confirmed that new saves work on older version.

3 hours ago, Phantochi said:

which trophy is glitched? 

The one to buy all cars is glitched in patch 1.03.

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Confirming that that the digital save file is compatible with disc version from the same region as the digital copy of the game. As long as you prevent the 1.03 patch from being installed when you start the game using the disc version and you have enough money, there will be second version of the Gremlin with a price tag so you can purchase it. If this was the last trophy missing then the platinum will also pop once the "Jay Will Be Proud" trophy has popped. The only downside is having to also buy the disc version to get around the glitch since the developers don't bother to answer any requests for updates on the game. 

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