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skyrim ebony warrior fair fight?


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i wanted to ask if there is a way of having a fair fight with this guy (i play legendary difficulty),


the problem is, depending on the way you play it isn't possible to do so: if you use a weak weapon he regenerates quicker then you can harm him. when using a medium strength weapon (which i usually do) you 1 hit kill yourself because of his reflect blows perk. and when using strong weapons you will kill him in 1 or 2 blows, which doesn't really count like a fair fight to me.

because of this there is no way to defeat him with melee weapons except for overpowering yourself, sneaking and slitting his throat, shouting him off a cliff, etc.


so long story short: is there a way of having a fair fight with him without being forced to use a bow?

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thx, but that's actually just the thing i don't want. 


as mentioned before i know several ways to beat him, shouting him off the cliff, sneaking up on him and slit his throat, and using my overpowered equipment. but none of these ways feels like a fair fight to me. but since the "fair" ways making him literally impossible i would like another way.


as for the equipment, i have crafted the strongest possible already with max tempering and best/strongest enchantments. i used the alchemy enchanting loop without glitches, meaning it is capped at the point the game intended to. with this strategy if i equip it all both weapons (i dual wield) are somewhere between 1000 and 1500 each (don't exactly remember how much) meaning i have a attack of 2000-3000 i could even consider to use my orc ability to double it to an insane amount of 4000-6000 attack. and i don't even have mentioned yet that these weapons also have powerful enchantments. this is so much that the most power enemy in the entire game (the ebony warrior) will be killed in just 1 or 2 power attacks as long as the reflect blows won't show up. and funny enough all this is officially completely fair, because not even 1 glitch is used.

for this reason i only use equipment without any enchantment and weapons that aren't completely maxed tempered resulting in just about 200 ea attack.


i also just killed karstaag (he is about as strong as the ebony warrior but much higher raw strength, but the ebony warrior is more versatile) and as usual this equipment was already good enough to beat him but still keep it a challenge, i also forced myself to only use attcks, grand healing, whirlwind sprint, dragon aspect and health potions, conjure dremora lord, nothing else.

fun thing is that if it wasn't for EW's reflect blows perk he is actually even easier then karstaag because karstaag has 1 hit kill strength and EW needs about 2-3 strong hits and even more weaker hits to kill you.


i just have tried the bow i talked about as backup plan, which worked fine, until i saw the EW can also use grand healing on himself, so you either have to use a bow with even bigger power or a melee weapon with medium strength (like i do) or more.


in the meantime i also found out i can use a health boost enchantments (400 base + 174 boost [574]) which makes it possible to use a 300 attack weapon and attack without power attacks, which won't 1 hit kill yourself and probably is still high enough to get rid of his healing/regeneration immortality. the only downside is that it still makes it a lot easier because you hsve much more health.

but since this is by far the fairest strategy i could think of, i will just go with this unless you or someone else has a better idea

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i have tried my own theory of ussing a 300 atk weapon without power attacks, but that wasn't even close to enough.


afterwards i tried several other things which also didn't worked. since no one replied to this thread any further, i just have done it with a bow instead:

to make it possible coonsidering his regenerating/healing speed, i used a bow and buffed it until it had 650 attack which is still way less DPS then (200x2) attack dual wielding with power attacks i usually do. however while it's enough to harm him quicker then he can regenerate, it wasn't quicker then he can heal himself. so to fix that i just have used berserker rage (orc ability to double damage) at the moment he starts healing, then i have 1300 atk which is slightly more DPS then my usual dual wield, then i have just have 60 seconds to kill him or try again.


i restricted myself to more or less the same abilities as with karstaag, however i don't have used whirlwind sprint (or any shout in this battle), left my follower home, didn't used dragon aspect and used no potions. of course i added berserker rage, but instead of using it to make it easier, i used it to make it harder instead.

as for the dremora lord, grand healing, attacking, and my usual equipment (except the bow) are the same.


i couldn't do melee against him, but this is the fairest battle i could think of. i beated him with about 200 arrows.


for me it's solved now. but if someone else has the same problem of wanting a fair battle against the EW (or karstaag), feel free to use the same strategies. gl every1 :)

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