Video: Hidden Shortcut for Final Boss Fight (Possible Plot Spoilers)

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For those who are playing, or who plan to play the game:



you'll eventually get to the final mission where you need to save some delegates and then deal with a boss. Most trophy guides will tell you to save the delegates first and then fight the boss (Marchenko), mostly because there's a collectible in the conference room where the delegates are waiting that cannot be obtained if you fight Marchenko first.


This video shows a very quick, and well hidden, shortcut to get from the conference room to the Marchenko fight without having to deal with any enemies. Most video guides I've seen don't include this, so I guess it's not well known.



Anyway, enjoy.




Edit: I can't figure out how to embed the video in the post, sorry.

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6 minutes ago, Ghost-TeamX said:

Thanks for the spoiler1f44d.png

Sorry, edited title and content to avoid this.

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