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Glitched or just hard?


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There's definitely an element of randomness to the two trophies with no achievers. For the Strip mode, you progress along a game board, and you only play the minigames when you land on specific squares. Then you or the CPU chooses from three random minigames. After playing through a few times, I noticed that Baccarat and Greyhounds rarely show up. I've only seen Greyhounds at the final square on the board. Baccarat is the only game I haven't played, and the one time I saw it pop up, the CPU didn't pick it.

I'm not sure if Bad Guy is even possible to do. From what I've seen so far, you can steal up to 200 chips from someone in the Strip mode if you land on one of a few squares that let you take money from other players. The problem is that after any casino game is played, the casino gives 1000 chips to any player with under 300 chips. If it is possible, you need an extremely lucky sequence of moves to even end up with a chance to do it.

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