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Getting 100%

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Tiny question for those that did get the "Perfect Porkchop" trophy for getting 100% in the game, do the badges all count for this? As I have one more secret in Beach City to get, and I read that both Ronaldo has a mission (don't know what he gives) and the Boltron thing gives you an actual badge in the end.


I know in other areas, you do need to buy the badges from Onion for it to count.  But wasn't sure if all badges are actually needed, if the odd place has more badges than need be.


Heck, the complete percentage in The Forge is a bit off, on the hand drawn map, it's lower than when I see what is needed from the warp pad.  So it's hard to tell what's needed and what's not.

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It's left the Boltron's Badge, you have to put the coins in the machine till drops the badge. Just finished the game and I absolutley loved it but it's full of bugs and trophy glitches. The PAL version is buged till they release the USA patch 1.03 (EU still in 1.00).


Edit: You're from New Zealand, check your game version. I just tweeted in the grumpyface twitter acount I hope they hear me.

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