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What did I just play?


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Serious question here. I played through Dying: Reborn 2.1 times (one on Vita, once on PS4, and then one last bit to get the "secret" ending), and I have no idea what the heck was going on, at all. I read every memo, listened to every conversation, and...ummm.


Spoilers follow (though I will blank them out):

  1. Who is "Colby"? Is that name supposed to have some meaning to me? I know the protag made some reference to the "kid in the hotel", but even reading the memos, I don't remember anything referencing him.
  2. Who is "David"? The protag says he's Mary's fiance. Is the protag also David?
  3. Who is "Connie"? Is she a real person? Prior to the end of the game, I would have said that both Colby and Connie were figments of the protags imagination (which I thought the game was going for). However, with Colby appearing at the end, it suggests that Connie was real, too.
  4. Did the protag kill Mary some time ago, and lose his memory? I presume that the corpse in the cabinet was Mary (and given that the protag felt some creepy feeling toward her, I thought he might be David).


Also, it's weird to me that in the Vita version of the game, the fish-head mask never even appears. Was that really too graphically advanced for the Vita? (Incidentally, I thought the Vita version looked and played better than the PS4 version.)

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Honestly i was so confused myself after playing the game on ps4. The whole ending "twist" made no logic mainly because we never knew what happened beforehand and that it wasn't mentioned at all making it utterly pointless and poorly unfinished. I was thinking on getting the vita version and you're saying THE FISH HEAD AINT EVEN IN THE VITA VERSION?? i wonder what the ending looks like o_o

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5 hours ago, Satoshi Ookami said:

I would like to know that as well, lol.

Also, since you are saying PS4 version is different, is it advisable to play it after finishing Vita version?


It doesn't really matter. Neither game makes a lick of sense. The changes in the Vita are just...weird, though. I thought the Vita version looked and played better, BTW (I said that in the spoiler above, but it doesn't really spoil anything).


6 hours ago, skidmarkgn said:

You think that's bad, try the PSVR version.  Half the damn game isn't even there.


Well, I own it, so if I ever get a PSVR system, I'll play it.


Oddly, all 3 versions were on sale in a bundle for something like $2.50 back in the day. It's never been nearly that cheap again.

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Right, here's what I think that has happened...




Mathew and Shirley never came to Colby/Fishhead's aid while his father (David) was beating up his mother, Connie at the hotel years ago. My guess is that they DID see what happened, but they choose not to meddle. Shirley must have ended marrying David. The age difference must be huge at this point, but hey... the photo at the start show Shirley and Mathew to be teenagers so...


Colby now a full adult and seek revenge for those who never helped him and his mother. He kidnapped Shirley and killed her. Mathew was punished for the same reason. Connie, the mother, still alive are trying to help Mathew escape.



That's my whole take, but it is a poorly written game, with a lot of plot holes. But then that's normal for this kind of horror, as I've seen some horror films where the "twist" is completely out of whack as you don't know what the past reason is until the twist is revealed and you'll go "what the fuck? what a rip off."

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