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A heads-up about the NX DLC

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There is a mini-pack of 2 Digimon that you can buy for a few bucks - Gallantmon NX and Alphamon NX. They are basically 'mini' versions of the Gallantmon and Alphamons. Here is how they work with the main game:


  • They have no de-digivolution options. So you can't regress them back at all.
  • You access them as soon as you can leave your main hub, there is an NPC right outside in the street with a 'DLC' above their head.
  • You can level them to 99
  • They have powerful abilities right off the bat, but you never have enough SP to use them more than once or twice.
  • They make the very early gameplay parts a breeze but after that it's pointless having them take up a valuable party slot.


In my opinion they are not worth the money, i'm 7 hours in and i've canned them both in favour for naturally caught Digimon, you have far more freedom with building and deconstructing than with these DLC 'mon.

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1 hour ago, Muur1993 said:

I just bought them cuz having empty slots was triggering me


edit: lmao! their stats are rookie level. So they're literally useless


Haha, I was exactly the same. For a little while I had the Vaccine type in my reserves so I could operate the skill which let me repair the Mr Navit units. But now they are currently on my Digifarms wandering about.


It's not like the DLC digimon from the previous game, I remember using some of those for most of the game at the time if I remember rightly.


So far i'm really enjoying this game, it uses a tonne of the same assets from the first but it's a blast all the same.

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