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3 trophies not unlocking


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Having just finished one playthrough on crushing, and having used encounter select, 3 trophies didn’t unlock when meeting the criteria. ‘Itchy trigger finger’, ‘stay and pray’ and ‘on the grid’. I know that you cannot mark enemieson crushing, but you can on encounters, I counted over 30 and nothing. Plus I have killed over 20 for each of the other 2 trophies as I have counted over this amount and yet not unlocked. Wondered if anyone else has had this? I will try this on a quick second playthrough, but if this doesn’t work, I will have to try deleting all data, re-downloading and going again. Damn!

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I got the 3 trophies in question on an additional playthrough. Also discovered that not all guns blind firing tracked for me. The assault rifles weren’t counting but shotguns were, so I’d get 2 kills, restart checkpoint, rinsed and repeated. Thanks for comments. Hopefully this will help anyone in future for whom the same thing happens

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