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I decided to buy a PS4 last october and always been really into the trophy/achievement earning with the last generation. A few days ago I stumbled upon this site and here I am. 


Prefered Genres: Fighting Games & Platformers

Games that I played and enjoyed the most when I was growing up: The Sly Raccoon Trilogy, Tekken Tag Tournament, Skate 3

Last game that surprised me: Journey

Most anticipated upcoming games: Dragon Ball Fighterz, Soul Calibur 6 & Ghost of tsushima


I live in Belgium and study Graphic & Digital Design.


If someone shares the passion for fighting games but isn't a pro and is looking for someone to play the upcoming fighting games with someone, feel free to add me. Right now if you will go to my profile you will see I don't own any fighting games for the moment. That's because I am waiting for Street Fighter 5 AE & Dragon Ball Fighterz to arrive next week and start my passion for these types of game again. 


Right now I have a personal wishlist of games I want to play of what I have missed in all these years like Bloodborne, Nier: Automata & The new South Park game. If you think there is a game I should play, you can propose any game you enjoyed a lot the past years, will be bad for my wallet but if the quality compensates then it's more than worth every penny (or I just wait for a sale). 

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Welcome! I've personally been playing Tekken 7 lately, and I kinda want to pick up Street Fighter V AE at some point. I really enjoy arcade fighters even though I am pretty bad at them. I think I was like 8-10 online on Tekken 6, but I might put in a little more effort on Tekken 7 and see if I can get any better at them. I'm also interested in Dragon Ball Z Fighterz as a fan of the anime, but I'll wait on that one as well... I just have way too much to play!

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