Platinum Medals for All Time Trials (Aah, Heck No! Trophy)

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It’s Rubhen here with a video guide for Defunct. I should have had this video out way earlier, but the game kept crashing on me making it hard for me to platinum it. But the game is fixed and works fine.


This video is for the Time Trials. I will show my platinum runs for all the time trials. Now I’m not really good at the game, but I do enough to earn the platinum medals for all the time trial levels. So if I can do it you guys certainly can.


My runs aren’t flawless, so if you’re struggling there’s hope.


The only real advice I can give is study the maps carefully for the best places to gravitize to gain momentum, and also to gain speed by hitting speed boosters. Once you master the controls and the way the character moves in the game, the rest is all about learning the map.


There are 15 maps in total, and all have to be beat quickly in order to get the Platinum Medal. Have fun getting them all!


Getting all 15 Platinum Medals will earn the trophy Aah, Heck No! and all the other trophies related to the time trials.





Lost - 0:00
Over the Hills - 1:21
Rolling Hills - 2:57
Into the Woods - 3:49
Treeline Track - 6:04
Valley - 7:18
Dawn - 8:47
Junkyard - 10:17
Skate Park - 12:31
Back on Track - 13:15
Pipeline - 14:56
Oasis - 15:47
Rock Bottom - 17:02
Crash Site - 18:52
Archipelago - 20:13
Trophies for Trials Unlocking - 20:57


Hope this helps and good luck!

Note: This game was provided by Bas of SOEDESCO. Thanks for the Opportunity!


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