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Second Tablet Location?

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Okay, I am at a loss here, I found one of those tablet things and put it in the slot underneath Rose's statue, but I don't have the other.  This area is all that's really left to 100% (even though, for some reason, on the map, it says it's at 100%, yet going in, still the secret to get).  Well this and the Forge itself, but that's to do with weapons.


So, not sure where the other tablet piece is supposedly located.  Tried looking up online, but that didn't help.  They mention the Shield Schematic 2, but not the locations of the tablet pieces themselves, so I'm left with half a tablet.  Especially since the other areas in the Forge itself are at 100%.


Edit: Got it, apparently it's dropped by the monster on the left side of the statue.  That was not very apparent, but hey, I got it, but I wont shove it in (my version is, for some reason, unpatched, and would rather wait till we get the patch as well that fixes the problem where it might not cough up the schematic).

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