Game freezes, any thoughts?

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I'm at the hospital and breaking the 6 crystals. After I break the 6th one the game freezes. It's happened multiple times and I'm not sure how to proceed. Anyone else encounter this on their way to the Plat? How'd you get past it?


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I've contacted the developer and they have no precedent for this issue happening. Messing around on my own I've been able to avoid this issue by doing two things. Whether of not they are both necessary, I can't say, but I had these two conditions changed when it worked.

  1. I had the game installed on an external hard drive. I moved the installation back to the PS4 factory internal hard drive.
  2. I had gamma correction set at 1.5. I turned this back to the 1.0 default.

Moving on with the game I came across the issue again, but when doing the corrupt mansion crow trophy. When one of the crows exploded the game froze. This time the only difference I had was my gamma correction raised back up to 1.5. The game was still installed on the factory internal hard drive from before. Dropping the gamma to 1.0 seemed to fix this issue.


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