Online closes February 10th!

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@Smashero I did not even know what to do in the beginning (had no idea that we needed to boost the streaks to 10) and also managed to mess up a few of your tries, so thanks to you! ;) I am really happy for you - you've been so unlucky and you deserve the plat much more than me!:yay: I am glad that the grind is over! 😛


Despite being finished, I sent out a few friend request so if anyone needs any help, don't hesitate to contact me. My schedule this week will be quite busy (I'll be on here just on Wednesday and Thursday, other days just very sporadically), but we can work something out. 😉 At the very least I could guide you to the right direction and give some tips. ^_^


I appreciate the help from all you guys again, you are all awesome! :wub:


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Hi Everyone!


They Patch Today the Game and the Servers of this Game are Totaly Close and you can only play Offline...and can only Unlock the Offline Trophie the Others One are Now Impossible... :(


With alot work i dont finished this Game and another one for my Big Collection without finished them... :(


Congrats to Everyone who Finished this and Unlocking this Rare Plat! ;)

And thank's alot to Everyone who try to Help me on this. ;)


Cya Next time. ;)


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