Platinum Walkthrough

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Trinity' Chains 02:08
Follow the Leader 05:00
Once isn't enough 06.00


Lost Woods:
Pitfalls 10:25
Restart , Restart 12:08
Junk Jumper 18:11


Waiting for nothing 24:24
Bronze Trophy 28:24             
Silver Trophy 28:35
Trophy Addict 30:32
Gorger' Apathy 34:01


Gate Crasher 36:36
Buy another Copy 37:41
Thor's Loyalty 43:42


Metro Entrance:
Icey Ucey 48:50
Parker's Lost Heart 53:46


Metro Transfer:
Shio 55:52
Carlo's Ambition's 01:03:23


Marionette Theater:
Outside Fire 01:06:35
Ceo and Miss Perfect  01:09:43
And the Next Song is 01:18:08
Jack's Faith 01:21:56


Clock Tower:
The Abyss Watches back 01:23:30
Modern Day Pandora' Box 01:27:25
Ideon's Resignation 01:33:46


Clock Tower 2F:
God's 9 Billion Names 01:36:16
True Love 01:44:25
Dahal'sPain 01:47:57
Trinity's Self 01:48:29


Room of Fate:
People are Pigs 01:52:20
Juda's Repentance 01:59:16
Black Star Rises 01:59:16


True Ending:
To Meet You Again 02:03:17



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