Heads up with the Challenges on the German stack.

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Due to censorship, some of the challenges need a different approach to them.

You'd think you could do them to civilians but censorship says no!


These are:
People Run Over

- Civilians will not count towards the total of 500

Workaround: Take a Tank to Arapice Islands with the zombies and go wild!


Human Shields Used

- Civvies cannot be used as human shields

Use gang members and police forces

Some that I'm not sure of but might be affected:



Nut Shots
No Weapons Kills

-These should come by on its own while playing but just keep doing these to the enemies that shoot back!

Mascots Killed

Not sure if mascots on freeroam count but S.E.R.C is a fast way and if you own Genkibowl, Sexy Kitten Yarngasm is a quick one too to kill those cans of Saints Flow and False Genki's!


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I have the UK retail and the German digital, and I can confirm that civilians do not count towards any statistics, except Unarmed Kills.



Nut Shot: gang, zombies, STAG(?)

Headshot: same ^

Run Over: all except civilians

Mascots: counts as kill but not as run over (just do the timed survival with them, got 300+ with the RPG)



Nut Shot: no civilians/cops/military? *

Headshot: same ^

Run Over: all

Mascots: kill and run over


* Tried just now and it doesn‘t show the respect-o-meter (end game, all challenges completed).


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