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Arbitrarily Exterminated - Trophy Grind

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So I'm trying to get this stupid trophy and have been grinding for weeks with no success. I've been doing No Hope in Hadley's for well over 50 times (which should have already given me the trophy)

I'm kinda getting tick of the Smart Gun corridor which literally only gives me 30 kills at a time. It would be great to expedite matters by doing a Team Deathmatch with a few people (most of whom could be Xeno)


If you guys are interested, please send me a friend request.

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37 minutes ago, Best_PC_gamer said:

Did anybody ever earn this trophy in Bug Hunt DLC? Seems like the most enjoyable place to earn it. I remember playing some Bug Hunts starting from wave 1 to end off with about a thousand kills.

If I remember right, that DLC doesn't count towards any trophies but I could be wrong ?.

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