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Battle Genius (Trophy) / Platinum Guide

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Just a helpful tip for anyone attempting to Platinum this, you might think by the time you're going for the S Ranked missions that you've counted them all correctly but be prepared for the Smelliest f*%king game development in history, when you see the Missions detailed as Mission Name Here (1) that means there are several MORE parts to this mission.

Not only that, you have to battle Darby three times and get an S Rank on each battle w/ him in the Poker game, not only that, the game completely diddles you during the Bluff and Cheating from Darby, you now have to mash the buttons that pop on screen but they're all hidden behind question marks, you can't see the next one till you've pressed the first one and even then you're on a timer. I'm absolutely disappointed that omegarevan made it out that these missions would just be battles where I could use Regenerating support items and Dual Heat items and Lower the enemies defensive abilities, they completely left out the Darby missions and how the next one won't even show up till you complete the one before it and in total there are THREE and ONLY three Darby missions. To win, just bluff him, just raise your chips to the highest on the first turn, then let it play out, when given the opportunity to cheat you better do it and replace all the cards in your hand, you and Darby should both be betting 5 chips each now and your hand should be the winning hand. Rinse and repeat and try to basically win his chips in the fastest time you can. This is how I earned them. Still absolutely disgusted that omegaraven left that detail out in the guide. Oh and there are Vampire related missions where you have to fight these spawns basically, they're not even any particular character, just generic vampires, you're on a timer and unless Jotaro is at Level 50 don't bother taking on the mission. You can't use any Support items to weaken the enemies so you just need to be a higher level than them. All this Platinum trophy did was turn me off the franchise completely because the game pulls bullsh*t like this and omegaraven doesn't bother his ass to mention it. I'm glad I can now just delete the game and never look back. To those of you that haven't even started yet. Don't bother. It isn't worth it in the end.


- Bonus Tip: If your match w/ Darby lasts a really long time the Cheating Possibility meter that let's you cheat just fills back up again. I used both of my cheats and then got a third one later on, I dunno if it goes up to four though I think you've basically just drained him of all his chips before it even gets to that stage to be honest with you, so it doesn't really matter and the game basically holds your D*ck for you throughout most of the game anyway.

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For anyone still wondering, I just got the trophy myself and I had A rank on the story mission D'Arby games, somehow, I beat him in like 2 moves so I'm not sure what happened there and I haven't even played his extra games in the Mission list yet. So no need to worry!

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