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Will they ever separate ps4 game bundels?


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What I mean by this is gamebundels like the Ezio collection, Bioshock collection etc.. 

As my ps3 broke down recently and I still want to play some of these games I don't like it I need to buy the whole bundle if I'm only gonna play one game. What I still want to play:

-Bioshock 2

-Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (or separate these 2 games too)

-AC: Brotherhood

-AC: Revelations


The Uncharted trilogy is sold separately, I'm hoping the same for all these Ps4 Remastered bundles. What do you guys think?

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5 minutes ago, LuciaRosethorn said:

No they won't, that's the point in "collections". The only way to get them sperately is to buy the PS3 versions.

Well they did it with the Uncharted collection. You can buy those games separately on Ps4. Why can't they do it with other bundles?

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