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The leak was a lie


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So if you remember some days ago there was a possible leak about the february free games with pois, but it looks like it was all a joke, the original creator of the "leak" came to public to say that it was all fake and that he used Photoshop to create the image. When I saw it for the first time I already knew it would be fake. What do you think?



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27 minutes ago, Zolkovo said:

I'm relieved too as I picked up FC4 before the current sale, and then for it to become a PS+ title would have added insult to injury! Hoping for a stellar line-up regardless.


Well, actually... some IGC games were discounted in the sale just before their release, lol.


Why did he get at least 5 replies with the same text? Anyway if the rumors were fake, then where are the actual rumors? We're getting close to the actual release...

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The image had some flair that I never saw in other Playstation marketing, so that was a big tip off for me. 


But I still wanted to play fc4 ><

I just can't justify buying it because I watched my nephew play the whole thing on his xbox. 

Can't wait for fc5 though! 

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