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Hello there, fellow PSNP gamers. :) 


After many years of gaming (35+ years), I’ve always been subject to buying a popular game, and finding out it doesn’t allow the option to invert both the X and Y axes.


Ubisoft, Sucker Punch, and Naughty Dog are usually good for it. Bethesda, EA, and 2K have a history of omitting it. Even the PS4 system update for mapping buttons left it out. :angry: 


I thought it would be a nice service to make this thread, so that people like myself can drop by and ask if a PlayStation game has the option to invert and, if by chance someone is both playing said game, and on PSNProfiles, they would be so gracious as too stop in and answer the simple question. :kiss:


Noteworthy: Please refrain from clogging this thread with a mountain “y would u even?” posts. This thread can be a great tool for helping people make friends and remove boundaries to find happy gaming. :highfive: 


So, I guess I’ll start the chain, eh?


Does Wolfenstein The New Order and The Old Blood on PS4 invert both?


Thank you. <3 

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