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A very important, yet simple tip not to miss anything.

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well... I'm a little late for that I'm afraid missing two scenes... Then deleting and redownloading the game to finish the last two golds for points, cuz I was very smart in buying all the things since i thought the minigame is easy and points are easy to grind. How wrong and naive I was... If you can help me with some missing scenes that will be great though.... Otherwise, here goes another hour or two of skipping all the cutscenes... 

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15 hours ago, Wellzis said:

After you get the trophy, don't quit yet. Let the story continue until the game presents you with another choice.


^ Definitely this. I got the Platinum on Friday and had to replay a couple of the endings because I quit out too soon. The problem of course is figuring out which endings you're missing since the game doesn't tell you which scenes or pictures are associated with each ending, so unless you are able to find the answer here (or post and wait for the answer) you could find yourself spending a lot of time trying to figure out which ones you missed.


Of course, you can rule out any of the True or Bad endings since those will take you back to the menu afterwards, but for the ones that pop in the middle of a chapter you definitely have to let them game run until the next decision point.

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