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New Controller Colors


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1 hour ago, grimydawg said:


I like both of them. I have one of the older blue controllers, but the midnight version looks better.


27 minutes ago, Sergen said:

I'm just curious to know, would these controllers work on a black PS4 console or would my console also have to be the same colour as the controllers?



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1 minute ago, Terra said:

That Midnight Blue is calling my name...Tempted to get them both. I already have the Star Wars PS4 controller, Uncharted 4 one, and the Gold one. 

That would be awesome - have every controller that has been released!  I go through enough of them....

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8 hours ago, Beyondthegrave07 said:




The midnight blue looks nice. I will consider it when I decide to get a 3rd DS4.


Yes to what? I don't want to have to buy a controller and a midnight blue console just to play with the controller, I need answers, please! 

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