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Nintendo and Desicpable Me makers teaming up to make Super Mario animated movie


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Just today, I learned that Nintendo and the makers of the Desipcable Me series are joining forces to make a Super Mario animated movie which will be co-produced by the father of Mario himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. Hopefully, it won't be bad as that live action Super Mario Bros movie a long time ago.

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I guess that is neat but one of the major problem with Mario is every time they try to give him a story...it usually sucks. The only time it works is in the Paper worlds where it is allowed to be nuts and off the wall...which will not be in this movie.


I fear this movie is going to suck like everything Mario does outside of Videogames...but maybe I will be wrong.

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It is interesting, but what I am wondering about is the plot, will they have Bowser capture Peach as per usual and Mario has to go on epic quest of some sort to rescue her? Or will it borrow elements from his other games such as Super Mario Sunshine, or his RPG game, or even his Galaxy games.


While yes, Illumination can be worrying with the whole Minion ordeal, I think since Miyamoto is helping out, it should be safe to assume that Minions shouldn't be in the movie.  Just you know, nice animation, as the Despicable Me movies do have nice animation, not great like Pixar and Disney of course, but still nice animation regardless.

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