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Note that all these wall breaches were by accident, but are easily repeated. They provide no real benefit to the player, other than allowing you to explore the given area, especially the overall hub. Just figured some people might enjoy boundary breaking as much as me, who knows. Note, that these were done on the unpatched base game, as I have no checked if they work on latest update.




So yeah, first video is a wallbreach in Atlan...not much to that, but second video showcases how to get out of the hub itself, far outside the 'force field'. From there, you get on top of anything that' might be above the field. I didn't see any 'secrets' in the map, but maybe someone could. Overall, you get to see amazing details and scenery, but almost nothing out of map is solid, so it's purely for exploration purposes. I'm sure there's more spots, just have to find corners that are easy to breach (usually skycrapers), and yes you can get into the cave without doing the puzzle (by Wakanda). Other than that, I haven't spent much time on the game, as it's just not that fun for me (especially the web-slinging...Lego Avengers is far superior imo).


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