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A++ Ranks

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Any tips on doing these? It seems like even when people are getting 1st place, they don't have enough points. My best so far is A. Do you have to just hope to be going up against total scrubs?


Edit: Got my 3rd...looks like you have to win the match too. One time I had an A++ but lost...that's the only reason I can think of. This is incredibly luck based...you have to go against pretty bad players AND hope you don't have anyone good on your team who can take your points away. 

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I was able to get an A++ rank with Y'shtola. All I did was spam circle while in the air and occasionally used my ATK and DEF EX. Which got my bravery up to 9999 and I went into the middle of the fight and used her HP attack Holy and all three went down.


What I would say mainly is to focus on getting Brv attack points and HP points.


Prowess Points: 585

Brv. Attack Points: 444

HP Attack Points: 908

Support Points: 60

Summoning Points: 0


That's what I had and I got an A++

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I haven't tried this method yet but it might be possible to get this with some coordination with your team. If the other two people on your team refuse to kill anyone and leave all three kills to you it will increase your chances. It's not only about getting all 3 kills but essentially all three of those kills being done with a good amount of bravery, essentially one-shotting. If your team mates use the ex-skill, "Share Bravery," this might be easier. I don't know if this will take away from your bravery stats at the end though?


Obviously you'll need to hope your opponents aren't that good too.

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