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Paschall Trainyard can't be captured


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In order to capture this point, you have to drive to bike on the dynomo to power up the generator but when i try to do that it just wont work, i dont even get the option to rev the engine, the bike just looses the sound untill i flip with it and believe me i tried for about 2 hour to make it work. I love this game, and i wanna get all the achievements for it, but this is the second time i face this bug (happend to me in my first playthrough in a different zone where i couldnt activate the radio transmitter) and it really annoys me since i got all the other achievements but cant get the one where u have to capture all the strike points. Did anybody came across this problem and managed to fix it and if some of the devs are reading this, can this please be fixed?

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According to the guide the strike point counter is accumulated across playthroughs. Maybe after you capture all others you can start a new play through and capture a few more.


i don’t have confirmation on this but I myself had to start a new playthrough and capture two more even after capturing the whole map for the trophy to pop

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Il 3/2/2018 alle 04:08, MarcoPsk ha detto:

Per catturare questo punto, devi guidare in bici sul dinomo per alimentare il generatore ma quando provo a farlo non funzionato, non ho nemmeno la possibilità di far girare il motore, la bici perde solo il suono fino a quando non ci capisco e credimi, ho provato per circa 2 ore per farlo funzionare. Adoro questo gioco e voglio ottenere tutti i risultati per questo, ma questa è la seconda volta che incontro questo bug quando ho ottenuto tutti gli altri risultati ma non riesco a ottenere quello in cui devi catturare tutti i punti di attacco.Qualcuno ha riscontrato questo problema ed è riuscito a risolvere e se alcuni sviluppatori lo stanno leggendo, è possibile risolvere questo problema?

I also have this problem. did you manage to solve it?

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