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They all live trophy but Chris died.


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Was trying for this trophy, but I wasn't fast enough during a QTE and Chris got killed by a Wendigo.  I figured, oh well, it happens, and finished the game.  Do I need to replay the whole game to get the They All Live trophy, or can I chapter select, and finish the game from his chapter, keeping him alive? I am so confused by this games butterly effect mechanic. Thanks in advance!

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Yes you can use chapter select to go back to the part where he died in your playthrough, save his life and then finish the game to get your trophy. Basically if you return to a certain point in the game in chapter select all of your choices and characters in the previous chapters will stay the same.

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I'm assuming Chris died in Chapter 8 for you.  You will need to replay the game from Chapter 6 to the end as the butterfly effect will not save correctly otherwise.  So sit down, start the game from Chapter 6 and play through Chapter 10 so that all your decisions will take affect.

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