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16 minutes ago, PBJ85 said:

indeed a 4/10 

one playtrough... 


I guess some will do 2 just to play not as an virgin till the end ;-) 


You have 2 trophies for courting special ladies. 

So I guess you will need at least 2 playthroughs.

Perhaps even 3, if you can't get both ladies in one playthrough.

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What a great trophy list! Seriously, this is what Skyrim should have had (though it has a pretty good list too). A true meaning of Open World RPG trophy list!

...that being said, some trophies like Merciful ruin this near-perfect list. Definitely a minimum 2 playthroughs game - and for a massive open world RPG that's a bummer.

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I'm always wary of games that deep silver is involved in. They are a great studio but most of the time their games are a buggy mess at launch. But once the bugs get fixed they usually are great games. (Dead Island, Homefront the Revolution, Agents of Mayhem, Killing Floor 2, etc)


So I would wait awhile before buying it 

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