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Help needed Tomb raider 2013 in 2018.


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Hey readers.All good?

 I want to 100% both versions of this game.

Having a really hard time nearly 5 years later specially mp wise.

Now I don't want to go for gaming sessions simply because people joining the sessions don't really play after joining.Happened to me today.He took off last minute with some random excuse,whatever.


I am looking for 3-6 genuine players ps3 and ps4 wise who have already the true survivor trophy or who are currently playing.Anybody with general knowledge of the mp trophies.


Am I allowed to offer lets say each 1 a 10$ psn card?You know like a motivation to actually show up to boost.I read the tsncs before signing up.


Ok and if correctly planned the mp trophies can be done in less than an hour.

Any answer/help is welcome.

I just wish I got into trophies a few years back.




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