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Usual Secret Trophy Thought Thread


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Simply clearing the game will give you all the boss trophies, as all are story related and the original doesn't have side quests.

Defeating every kind of monster is pretty much unmissable, unless you just run through certain areas.

Collecting every kind of gear might be missable due to a few areas disappearing after you cleared them. And if you go too far in the final fortress, you'll start the final boss fight which will end the game. The original has no free roam.

The one extremely grindy one is getting all weapons to level 9. The drop rates for the final weapon orbs were terrible in the original. And the drop rates for certain gear by certain enemies later on the game aren't much better either. Especially since you can speed your way through those areas and thereby missing these gear drops.

If the disappearing areas can still be accessed after clearing them and there's free roam after beating the story, nothing is missable. Though that would mean a big change from the original.

'Completing the guide' seems new, compared to the original. If they added some kind of booklet in which the game adds an entry for every defeated monster and collected gear/weapon. That would give a way to keep track and could also explain this trophy. Would be nice if this was added, regardless of the trophy.

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Find the all the pieces of armor and defeating every enemy sounds kinda hard. Unless the game is open to you after the final boss, and nothing is missable. Seems to me that the items and some enemies might be tied to certain side quests, and judging by the fact that this game was on the SNES originally, means it might be a little barring in content in that area. Although I haven’t played the original either.

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All magic level 8 is a serious grind. When I was a kid I did all magic maxed and that took forever. I remember light and dark magic taking days to do but I was a kid. Hopefully, my memory is wrong but I am almost certain it’s 10 hours at least of grinding, could be wrong. I guess we will find out. 


‘’Weapon took some time from 7 to 9 in the original as well. 

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