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trying to decide between .hack g.u. and xenoverse 2 on sale.


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i know close to nothing about .hack, are walkthroughs necessary or are trophy guides sufficient? (i hope its grindy.) can get it for $28 with 20% off discount code someone was nice enough to lend me. i'd like some opinions on this game lol.


xenoverse 2 on the other hand i know what to expect, loved the first one on PS3 playing mostly offline. with discount code can get it for $19, and the extra pack bundle for $8. however something i don't want to have to do is waste $10 for a month of PS+ for the online trophies. this is the only game on PS4 atm i would do this for. however its a really stressful decision for me, and think .hack would be the safest choice for me, but at the same time idk what to expect. always been a huge dragon ball fan though, not really interested in fighter of z as its a 2D fighter, i'm honestly not really into fighters in general much anymore, i prefer single player grindy games where i don't have to play with other people lol.

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