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Which one do I play first?


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Hey everyone!


I've never played The Shadow of the Colossus. I purchased the HD Collection a while back but just have not gotten around to it. Now we have this new remake which is getting tons of love from critics. So here is my question to those of you that have played both: Which version should I play first? Do I need to go in to the original on PS3 to see it exactly as Team ICO intended? Or is the remake so faithful to the original that it would be more meaningful for me to play it first?


Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!


Edit: not too concerned about graphics, rather the feeling it imparts on me as a player. For example, I started playing through all of the Metal Gear titles for the first time a few years ago. My 3 friends came over and watched me play through them over the course of a few weeks. A comment was made by one of them that they were very envious of me and wished they could play them again for the first time.


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