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PSNP Interviews: OhDearGodRun. Submit your questions

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Hello again PSNP community.
Now is the time to reveal the next interviewee for a PSNP Interview. The fifth interviewee will be @OhDearGodRun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You may be asking, who is this guy? Well, that why we are Interviewing him, to find out who he is.

 Standard Operation 

The standard operation for all psnp interviews will be as followed:


  1. After the new interviewee has been revealed, the PSNP community. will have 1 week to ask their questions.
  2. After that week is over, those question along with the 11 stock question that all interviewee will get, will be sent to the interviewee.
  3. The interviewee.will have 2 weeks to answer as many of the questions as they want.
  4. Once the interviewee has finished answering the question I will post the whole Interview in a new thread.


How to be a Interviewee
If anyone wants to be interviewed all they have to do is PM me saying that they want to be interviewed. After that PM that member will be added to the list of potential interviewee.


List of questions
The posts below are the current list of question from the PSNP community. Question can be asked starting now until February 17th, 2018 at  UTC 00:00.


All past Interviews can be found in the Member Interviews section of the forums.

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You have quite a few different games on your profile. What is your favorite type of game and why?

It looks like you are an Elder Scrolls fan! Any reason why you didn't get Elder Scrolls Online?

What was your favorite game on the PS2?


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4 hours ago, Miles_Warren said:

Run? Run where? And from what?1f630.png


I was going to ask the same thing.


Ok these are my questions:


1. What are you running from? Why not confront it instead of run?

Or is the entity so powerful, you need to run, a tactical retreat?

Why are we running? LOL


2. You have 17,000 trophies missing. Do you have a hard time focusing or just get bored easily? (Relax guys, just a genuine question, not "Hating" as many of you would put it ;))


3. How was Binding of Isaac? You enjoy it? Tell me your story.


4. How's the weather in Maine?

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Hi God,


A couple of questions if you will indulge me. I don't remember coming across you before which is definitely my loss. I noticed in your profile it said you were studying game design, it interests me so will base my questions on that if ok,


1. Studying game design does it effect your overall enjoyment of actually playing games. Can you simply enjoy games anymore or do you often find yourself analysing design etc ?


2. What is the most creative, inspiring original games you have seen in the last few years ?


3.  What is your opinion on VR and it's future in gaming ?


And finally as a creative I would like your opinion. Do you believe that there is anything original left in art or are we simply rehashing, reworking or simply repacking what already exists ?


Thanks for your time,

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