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Video Capture Question


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I Figured this to be the best spot to place the question, so here goes...

What capture tools do you use to stream/edit your PS3/PS4/XB360/XB1 videos? I know that you can capture videos with the PS4 and XB1 easy enough, but to get the good editing tools one must use a 3rd party product of some sort.

I'd like to know what you use, maybe some Pros/Cons about it... because i'm looking to spend some of this tax return on some video capturing soft/hardware. :D 

Let me know, Thanks!

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I use an Elgato HD60 (although HD60 S and Pro might be better but I never upgraded) and OBS to stream. OBS is free and works really well and lets you do a lot with it. You can ad outside sources to it like streamLabs to give you notifications and alerts.

One downside (although it will be like this with most outside streaming/recording software) is that it will take awhile to initially set up and tune things like bit rate etc.


One elgato downside is that if streaming from ps3 or PSTV you need a splitter (its just a bit more hassle with the additional cables mostly). Splitters are like $10-20.

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I used to use an HD PVR (don't get it cause it literally blows) back in the day, but I now use my Elgato HD60 .. also haven't upgraded or even used it in a while cause I'm too lazy.


For editing I used to use Sony Vegas Pro. You can easily torrent the program since actually buying it would cost you an extremely pretty penny.. lol.

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21 hours ago, SwampGas said:

Thank you both for you input so far, hoping someone will come along as use something other than the Elgato (just for some variety) :P


Might be crazy if it does lol. The elgato, from what it seems, is the most preferred capture card to use.

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