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List the most recent plats you've given up on and the ones you still plan to get.


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What I've given up on.

Uncharted lost legacy (too lazy to play it 2 more times on crushing and no guns and can't be bothered with the collectables also it's at a high 25% so I have no drive to do it)

Friday the 13th (This game is terrible and boring as hell you just look through draws for 15 minutes and do qtes until you get one shotted and this list is a joke)

Knack (Lol don't know why I started)

Elex (Fuck this game)

Hellblade (Aint playing this twice)

Digimon ( Aint grinding this shit)

Sword art online (These games are terrible)

Rogue galaxy (Aint got time for level 99 shit)

White day labyrinth named school (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Danganronpa v3

Dark Cloud 2

Ys Viii

Both Infamous games

Akiba beat

Dark Siders 


Deus Ex mankind divided


Dead by Daylight

Divinity original sin

Torment tides of Numeria

Until Dawn

Night in the woods


Titan Souls 

Crypt of the Necrodancer 


Banner Saga




What I still plan to get 

Last of Us ( I love multiplayer and I'm enjoying the story)

Yakuza Kiwami or 0 (Cause Yakuza plat is bragging points)

Persona 5 ( Cause I enjoy it)

Shadow of the Colossus  ( Just got this today never played it before so I'll see if I enjoy it)

Dissidia NT (It's a super rare so I'll get personal trophy pride and bragging points when I eventually do it)

Resident Evil 6 (Almost done it now)

Gravity Rush (This game is good)


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What I've given up on so far, not many tho

GTA Vice City (Shove that Cannoli on Rockstar A***)

Knack (don't know why I started too)

Assassins Creed Unity (...Multiplayer Trophies)

GTA V (Didn't liked the multiplayer)

Fallout 4 (Benevolent Leader pissed the heck out of me)

Killing Floor 2 ( VS Survival sucks)

Ratchet and Clank PS4 (Lost my save game, maybe someday i'll do everything again)




What I'm working on

Darksiders 2 

Assassins Creed Rogue

The last of us

Dark souls 2

Batman arkham series

God of war games


I have tons of games on my backlog, so it's easier to say games i'm woking on, because i still plan to get lots of plats, specially on the ps3




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Some of them I think
Digimon All Star Rumble(Required 100+ playthroughs of storymode or something like that)
Godzilla(Required 50+ playthroughs for Story mode as well I think for a trophy)
Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds(Full Roster Trophy, School for the gifted and clear 320 missions or something like that)
Never really made in attempt at it but Assassin's Creed IV has a level 55 multiplayer trophy 
Tom Clancy's Hawx has a ton of grindy online trophies and the online is dead(I still kind of want to join a boosing session at some point and try for the trophies, but just can't bring myself to do it)
GTA 5- level 100 trophy( but I may try attempt GTA 5 platinum at some point, if I was smart I'd try to some of the online trophies away now, but I just don't like playing online I also did get the GTA 4 platinum

As far as the rest goes its a combination of I just haven't made an attempt at trying to platinum a lot of games yet, either that or online trophies or some grindy trophy.

Too bad online trophies weren't just try some game modes and win a match or something I'd probably hate them less if they were.
Battlefield 3(A Few trophies here, Bullseye(my aim kind of sucks in shooters), Play Co-op on Hard and You can be my Wingman anytime(Got tired of doing that intro in the beginning)

Working on(Sort of)
Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization
Accel World vs Sword Art Online

One of those 3 will be platinum 60 just can't make up my mind on which yet.

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Just off the top of my head:

I ain’t ever gonna Plat Final Fantasy X. Way too much out of the way stuff. In fact, that’s usually my reason for not getting a game’s :platinum:.


What I do still want to go back and get, but am too lazy to actually do:

Ratchet & Clank (PS4). Just need to clean up, but I’ll have to do yet another NG+ to get the Groovitron all enemies trophy.

Ratchet & Clank 3 (PS3). I took a break and never got back to it.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 (Vita). My current mission.

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I gave up pretty much whole gaming thing so I don't plan on getting any Plats soon. Oh well, Batman: The Enemy Within is probably my next Platinum because all I have to do is finish the final episode which is coming out at some point. After that, I have no idea.

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It's not like I intended to seriously plat AssCreed Brotherhood, but I did mop up the single player trophies a while back and was hoping to get at least a few multiplayer ones, but turns out it's a lost cause. Same might apply to the rest of the PS3 AssCreed games (sans 2, which I did plat). I might still try Black Flag to see how things are there and just enjoy the Caribbean once more doing some misc trophies for leisure. Shadow of Mordor PS3 is up to consideration. I never actually owned the game, I borrowed it from a friend, but it turned out to have performance issues and at the time I couldn't download the patch which might or might not fix them. Frankly I'd rather play the PS4 version but I don't like the E rank on an easy game.

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Unravel - no death trophy turned me off. Will get back to it in a few days. 


Saints Row the Third, Saints Row IV and Saints Row IV: Re-elected - did the online trophies and then stopped. Will get back to these games at some point.




WWE Legends of Wrestlemania - Need to max out Created Legend, beat every tier, and get all objectives done for the medals in the Relive matches (historic WWE matches). 

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Legend of Korra and Persona 4 are the only games I'm one trophy from Platinum. (Arkham Asylum I'm basically one trophy away from as well, I just can't do the last two combat arenas)


For Korra I can't for the life of me do the pro bending. I spent 3-4 hours failing and raging to the point I won't even look at the game ever again. And the kicker is this is a 20% unlocked Platinum on this site and 10% on PSN. That just hurts I can't do something with that high unlock rates.


And for Persona 4 Hardcore Risette fan wouldn't pop after 150 hours and no way I'm doing another 50-100 hours for a bronze trophy.


Oh and there was agents of mayhem I gave up on cause the online contract and shards. Can't believe I spent 40-50 hours in the game.


Then finally Saints Row IV, when I attempted to Platinum it again I ran into the glitch that they never fucking patched even on the PS4 port that doesn't let you unlock the all powers trophy. So I'd have to get all 1,200 shards for a third time since my save got fucked. I even uploaded to cloud and it still wouldn't unlock.


Most other games I play I typically just don't care to even go for Platinum though.

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nex machina...while I feel I can get this Platinum and i will probably give it some more effort in the future, for now, i'm tired of playing the 1st 3 levels over and over to get to the 4th, 5th, and 6th so that I can gain enough experience on them to beat the game on experienced  without a continue and to beat it on veteran with only 10 continues.  This game gets super fast on veteran and one life can cost you all your llives and continues as upgrades get dropped at point of death making it up to 10x more difficult to progress.  The last 2 boss fights are a bitch as the screen is full of bullets/lasers and after several attempts I can't seem to identify the patterns well enough to get through it.  about 30 playthroughs ago I managed to make it to the final boss with 4 lives left however it was the 1st time I faced him so he wiped me out.  Must have been in the zone that day haven't made it back since.

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Given up on:

Persona 4 Golden: I couldn't really get into this game to complete it let alone go all the way to do two playthrough.

FFX: I got most of the trophies but gave up on the chocobo race and lightning dancer ones, I just couldn't get past those mini games so I didn't bother continue doing other extras like filling out the sphere grid. I also don't like playing blitzball... to put it short, I hate mini games as a whole.

KH1, 2, BBS and CoM: Critical mode is very hard, I can just about do normal mode so proud and critical are out of the question for me. Also, finding all the gummi ship blocks in KH1 is too much of a pain. CoM's card battle system is annoying.

Disgaea 4 and 5: Too grindy and long

Hatsune Miku project diva F: I can't seem to enjoy this game very much.


Still plan to get:

Psychadelica of the black butterfly (currently working on)Nier Automata

Sherlock Holmes

Atelier Sophie

Amnesia later x crowd

Hyakka hyakurou


A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV







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I did complete FFX and KH 1.5 Remix, but I have to agree, that both took really long time to complete...neither were particularly hard though except for those freaking FFX mini-games that are some of the worst of the worst minigames I have ever seen. The controls are outright horrible, but if you are determined enough to get them done, its not impossible....but definitely some of the most annoying trophies/achievements I have ever done. And like said both games require heck of lot of time to complete, FFX HD has LOTS of grinding you need to do at the end, and as for KH 1.5 Remix, you have to complete the main game and Chain of Memories multiple times on all different difficulty levels, because they dont stack up. So it can get really boring, really quick, especially with CoM and its gameplay....either way FFX HD took me about month complete and KH 1.5 remix took even longer, but much thanks to the fact I really needed to take some break from those games:

https://www.(URL not allowed)/gamer/Balnazzardi/completiontimes

One thing where I kind of gave up but might try again one day is Shadow of the Colossus HD, Meticulous Collector (get all items on hard mode time attack)...

Thats the very last trophy I would need to complete to get platinum from that game, but at the time when I tried it, it just felt outright impossible. I might give it another chance in future with help of some video guides.


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