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Blue Trinities glitch?

Lagoon Aris

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So, I finished the story and now I'm ging back to finish the journal. Problem is: one of the blue trinities is missing.
I followed a German location guide, the location guide on IGN and after that I even followed a video guide step by step and checked every location but I'm still missing one symbol.
I'm at my wit's end. Could it be a glitch? And if so, is there something I could do about it?
I don't find any information about it on the internet, but if possible I wouldn't want to start a whole new playthrough to get the journal to 100%


Edit: After re-installing the game and all updates, I tried another video guide and found the missing one in Wonderland. For some reason it didn't register the one you can access after moving the big rock near the Queen's Castle's entrance. Strange, but problem solved non the less.

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