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So how fast is this platinum exactly?

Crzy Minus

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I've seen multiple people plat this game over the span of a day, and that has me scratching my hear a little since this is supposedly like a 2D Dark Souls. Those games take time.


Is it also easier than I might think?


Edit: Already got the plat.

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The game has a leveling exploit, and it can even be used for the first boss you gotta defeat without dying (and it's like the tutorial boss in Souls games), if done correctly. Obviously, overleveling breaks the game and makes it much easier. Watch out so you don't level too much though (can't remember what happens, but no good).

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I beat it three times in a one week span for the platinum. It's not too long of a game, and I remember my playthrough as a magic user was a breeze. It would have been faster if I didn't do my first playthrough blind, and not messed up a quest line on my second run, requiring the 3rd. 

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