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Getting a punctured tyre


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Any game mode,, Just keep driving off the road, and drift the backend into walls, rocks, trees etc

Also rubbing against walls, just drive it like you stole it, and she'll pop eventually


You may want to do it after a few stages without repairing inbetween



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For those still wondering how to get this:

I had my set-up on semi-pro + easy and got it during career. I also played the intro stages with tutorials when you first start the game and replaced my tire during this tutorial when the game said to do so.


I started my career in JWRC with the above settings and I got my first flat tire during the first rally in Portugal on the 3rd or 4th stage about 200-300m before the finish. Since I was so close, I just finished that stage and got the accomplishment.

I got my second flat tire during the 4th rally in Germany on the final stage about 20 seconds from the start. I replaced the tire and immediately got the accomplishment. After that I restarted the stage and got another flat tire at the last checkpoint so I just finished the race.


One of the loading screens in the game suggests that you get a flat tire by driving into all sort of things like stones and ditches, but in reality it's seems completely random.

I got one within 20 seconds from the start of the stage while I didn't hit something and never got one on stages that I hit so many things my car would be total loss if I was playing on expert...


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I was racing on higher difficulties before, but did not even have a single flat tyre after passing 3.000 km's. I was getting slightly worried, so I started a new career on easy. That made me get a huge lead on the AI. Sometimes up to 3 minutes at the final stage. Then I started getting flat tyres actually quite a lot of them!


I am now guessing that the game is more likely to hold you back a little by giving you a flat when you start a stage with a big lead already. Starting a stage with a lead of anything over 1 minute saw my chances to get a flat tyre increase drastically. With this method, I actually got back to back flat tyres in my first 3 or so rallies in Junior WRC.


So it might still be a coincidence, but could be worth looking into if you were struggling like me. (Funnily enough in my statistics it still says I have had 0 flat tyres.)


So now only the stage and km grind left. Ungh. Oh well, at least grinding the Great Orme stage has bumped me up to position 23 on the global leaderboards! :)

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On 4/27/2020 at 2:48 PM, Kolm said:

For those still wondering how to get this:

I had my set-up on semi-pro + easy and got it during career. 


Literally switched to this and got my first flat tire in the first rally I played, in Sweden heh. I drove on the side a little and used some handbrake for dramatic effect with manual transmission (which I don’t find pleasant). Was pretty random though. 

Edit: just got another in Monte Carlo right after I joined wrc 2, on the first rally. And my tires barely took a scratch. Random stuff! 

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I'm struggling really badly with this, I've done 4 of the 11.37 KM Sweden rallies everything red not replaced anything did 1 of the SSS (Sweden) and still not getting puncture. 


This game is a total shambles - every other WRC game is fairly easy to get puncture yet WRC 6 makes it impossible. 


I'm so close to platinum and got 11 achievement to go 




400 stage wins

500 stages completed (I'm not far I think)

1,000 stages 

Puncture ones

Junior WRC




But the puncture is annoyingly difficult 

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