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Mr. Massagy Gets A Release In The EU Region, Finally!


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Tomorrow on Valentines Day (which to me is quite a coincidence because the game is a dating sim) Mr. Massagy will release in Europe!


Too bad there most likely won't be a separate stack for the EU version just like My Name Is Mayo. -_-

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19 minutes ago, DrakeHellsing said:

Eh, this is one of the games that doesn't interest me at all.  Like that stupid insult simulator game.  But hey, good to know for those that do want to play this game.

Seriously, never start that insult simulator game. Ever! It's one of the most annoying plats I have ever got!! 

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19 minutes ago, merciful84 said:




Double agreed!  Those folks at Green Lava have a good sense of humor, and Mr. Massagy is laugh-out-loud funny at points.

40 minutes ago, starcrunch061 said:

If you haven't played this, it's pretty funny. I would recommend some blind playthroughs before you start going for the plat. The responses and the conversation lines get pretty hilarious at times.



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