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I have yet to play this version of the game and plan to buy it no matter what, but I'm getting conflicting information over just how much this qualifies as a remake. Does this version have any new content outside the controls and trophies, or is it just the original PS2 version with re-skinned graphics, kind of like what they did with the Master Chief collection?


No spoilers for anything plot-related, please!

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The graphics are just incredible.  They completely remade all the assets and it really shows. 


You have unlimited new game + and can carry over all items.  Meaning you can have hard time attack items along with normal time attack items and can freely choose normal or easy on subsequent playthroughs if you want to destroy the Colossi. 


They added these new coins to collect, as mentioned above.  There's already a pretty thorough guide on YouTube to get them all. 


The controls and camera are pretty much the same.  The weak spots on the Colossi no longer have the problem they did on the ps3 version where you get into a neverending loop of losing your grip.  Some spots are still very frustrating but it feels manageable compared to the ps3 version. 


The hard time attacks are much easier in this version.  Many people have the platinum trophy already. 


I've played through the ps2/3/4 versions now and this feels like a complete edition. 

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