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Yay More cat games Trophy thoughts?


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1 hour ago, Crispy_Oglop said:

I feel like cat games might slowly becoming a genre in themselves!

always welcome for that to happen! :D

1 hour ago, AvengedEvil said:

On Steam, there is mentioned that there are over 50 accessories. So, it might take a while to unlock them all. Furthermore you need VR.

Oh no VR! However that does sound cool i could lead the life of my cat in a cat game... xD 

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The game is pretty fun - been playing it for a bit. You need room - you have to make a 2mx1.5m space on the floor I think it is - and you physically sit on the floor. Then you basically play with your cat, dress it up, feed it, watch it do things etc...

The cat has an energy meter, so there is only so much you can do each day - you get about 30 mins out of it before the energy runs out - it's basically like a Tamagotchi - It's quite fun

One of the cool things is you can strap your move controller to the back of something - like a soft toy and then the pick it up and stroke it, pace it down, cuddle it etc... It really helps with the immersion as you obv can't see anything whilst you are in VR yet it feels like you have a furry thing in your hands rather than a move controller. I was using my baby chocobo (only thing I had to hand).

The game will take a while to get the 10 coins and to buy all 50 items, but it will be fun. Oh, and your cat will get angry and less friendly if you neglect to visit it daily, but it can't die. It kinda reminds me of eye-pet.

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