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Runt Boss Fight Guide - No Damage | One Shot Kill


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Hey guys, it’s rubhen here with another video for Kingdom Come Deliverance. This video focuses on the Runt Boss fight. Runt is the guy who left you for dead back in Skalitz. Now it’s time for revenge.


So to be honest here, when I fought this guy my first time on live stream, I wanted to break my controller. Because trying to use melee combat against this guy is as effective as bashing your head against a brick wall, that is covered in diamond spikes. Yea.


  • He can guard crush you easily.
  • He can parry you continuously and stab you multiple times in the process
  • He has a 5 hit combo that can break you guard and kill you easily if you get caught in the hit string
  • He has stamina that never runs out. Like EVER!


I don’t know how the devs thought this was fair, but guess what, two can play at that game.


Because I got a method to one shot kill this idiot. Well on my build at least. But I’m sure this build is reproducible. So let’s take a look.


Here are my stats. I’ll talk about the ones that matter. Now I doubt you need all the skills that I have here, so I’ll just mention the really important ones.



  1. My main level - 10.
  2. Strength - 9 (+1 due to armor bonus)
  3. Agility - 7 (+1 due to armor bonus)
  4. Vitality - 9 (+1 due to armor bonus)
  • Sprinter Skill - to run fast
  • Thickblooded Skill - to not bleed easily


Combat Skills:


1) Warfare - 6

  • Bloodletter Skill - Bleeds enemies faster

2) Bow is at 5




I’m using the Villager’s hazel Bow, which does 42 damage, so not that much really. And yes I’m using the bow because it can kill enemies way faster than the sword can. So Warhorse Studios, that’s a problem. Get the sword fighting back to being feasible!


Moving on, I’m also using the Better Piercing Arrow that is poison dipped. One poison better piercing arrow is all you’re going to need. You can get multiple better piercing arrow during your fight towards the church. Just loot the corpses of the enemies that lie dead on the battlefield. They have tons of better piercing arrows!


And that’s all you need. To get the poison you need to buy it from Gertrude the Herb Woman. She lives alone in the woods north of Talmberg. You can go to her and buy the poison.


The fight:


As soon as the fight starts, go to the food menu, and apply the poison on your better piercing arrows. I had 3 so I used them to make 3 piercing arrows. I didn’t know I was going to one shot him lol. Now get your bow out and run to the other side. Aim the bow and try to get a headshot. This will be an instant kill!


And there it is guys, that’s how you get a No Damage, One shot kill on boss, who’s a complete joke.


Hopefully this helps people who struggle with this boss. I struggled for like 2 hours with him, but arrows are op. I’m ditching the sword from now on.


That’s pretty much it guys, I left the ending cutscene in.




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