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Pirate exploit "Jump Shout"


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Maybe some of you guys out there can help me out, I see more and more people who played as the Pirate, are doing a exploit  where they jump & shout.

I think it's the same type as the "dobbelt shouting" exploit that the Ranger have, but can't figure out how they are doing it.

Normally it takes a few seconds to load your gun as a Pirate, but the one doing the exploit  is jumping around a lot, and shouting multiple times without loading time.


Just really curious to figure out how they a doing it, and the know with every great power comes great responsibility! ?


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They are doing it by using the Fast Charge trick, specifically brought up in multiple guides for the game, for playing as the Ranger.  It's the same concept as that Charge Attack with Weapon, Switch Weapon, then immediately charge again, and it should happen very fast.  Or Square(Hold), let go to attack, Triangle(switch weapons), immediately hit Square(hold) and then you can fire again if the other weapon is a projectile like the ranger.


I think the Pirate uses a sword though as it's alternate, so the other way to do it is Charge Square then Strike, Triangle to switch, THEN Triangle to switch again, and the Pirates gun should get ready for another shot incredibly fast.

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